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Full SWORA Membership

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).


Today we received word we are now have our full membership into SWORA. As posted on their website:


The North is strong in the Force! - Looks like the Americas will complete the puzzle before the rest of the world - through Calgary Star Wars Fanfoce, Canada is now a territory of SWORA! Based in Calgary, Canada, the Tosche Station is a non profit Star Wars club that focuses on everything related Star Wars, including the films, games, costumes, collecting and more. They have monthly meetings, so if you are living near Calgary, you should definitely stop by.


Chair Build / April Meeting - Sat April 12th 2014

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

April Meeting
Saturday, April 12th
11 am - ??
Ryan M's place (PM him for deets if you need the address)

We'll be meeting at Ryan's place to build the chairs for this year's Expo charity raffle. While we're there, we'll be discussing everything and anything Star Wars :o)
Its alright if you can't make it the entire time, just drop by when you can and lend a hand. 
Bring some snacks, bevvies and your thirst for all things Star Wars!

February / March Meeting - Saturday March 1st 5pm

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

Our fisrt Meeting of the years.

Saturday March 1st - 5pm at the BARLEY MILL (in Eau Claire)


Calgary Expo (Charity Build Items, Table Volunteers and Set up)

SW in Film & TV (Ep VII and Rebels)

CLone Wars Coming to Netflix

Celebration VII - Only 14 months to go!!!!

.... Anything else you want to discuss.

Hope to see you all there!!!!!!!!!

March Meeting - Sunday March 30th 11am

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

Meeting: Sunday, March 30th @ 11AM
Humpty's (25th Ave & McLeod Trail S)

Agenda: STAR WARS, Calgary Expo stuff, Rebels and rumors. 

Bring your appetite for eggs & bacon and all things Star Wars!!

SWORA Membership

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

Great news for Tosche Station: 

Announcement: SWORA is happy to announce the Provisional membership of Tosche Station/Calgary Fan Force from Canada !

IF you have never heard about SWORA here is some info from their web site:

STAR WARS fans from all around the world have for a long time now expressed the need to get in touch with each other, in order for their local fandoms to develop and grow. S.W.O.R.A. (Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance) has been created to answer that need.

Simply put, S.W.O.R.A. is a fan network, the purpose of which is to bring fans from different countries together and to enable them to share experiences, knowledge and information about their local STAR WARS activities.

S.W.O.R.A. was initially formed by eight members from seven different countries. The aim of the Alliance is to expand its borders and reach out to more fans from many other countries, thus increasing the number of its members.

The current ambassador of S.W.O.R.A. is STAR WARS actor, Gerald Home, who is also one of the co-founders of this alliance.

Please check out their page right here: WWW.SWORA.INFO


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