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September 2014 Meeting

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

Date: September 6th 2014
Place: Cat & Fiddle Pub on 16th ave NW
Time: 10am-12pm
-New Members
-Ep-7 Rumors
-Collecting News

After the meeting we will be heading to COP to ride the Skyline Luge. This is the longest Cart/luge track in the world and a lot of fun.
check out for details.

Hope to see everybody there

August 2014 Meeting Saturday the 9th 10;30AM

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

August meeting 
Saturday August 9th - 1030 am
Place: Cat and Fiddle pub on 16th ave

New members 
Ep VII news 
Rebels news 
Collecting news
T-shirt ideas and design for Celebration, 10 yr Anniversary and Celebration

Post if you can make it on the facebook page . Or anything else you want to add to the agenda.

Next Meeting is June 7th 2014

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

Saturday June 7th - 10:30 AM till we leave.....

Cat'n Fiddle Pub - 540 16th Ave NW.

Agenda :
New members
EP VII news
Rebels News
Collecting news
Stampede Kids Day
Special Draw for website fees Bring your cashola for tickets
Good ole Socializing...

Post if you can make it!!!

Famous $5 breakfast till 2pm.

July 2014 Meeting

Written by Ryan (Chapter Rep).

July picnic/meeting!
Sunday, July 6th
3-9 pm
North Glenmore Park - Blue Heron picnic site
Please bring:
-your own meat for BBQ-ing
-a snack or side dish to share
-your own beverages
-a chair to sit on
-sunblock and insect repellant
-$5/person (cost of booking the park space)
We also need a spare camp BBQ to cook on. There are bbq's at the site but they only use briquettes and require a lot more work (haha) - but you are welcome to use them if you want to though.
Looking forward to this!

Expo 2014 Review

Written by Yrol Perera.

Expo 2014

This is long overdue.....
With the hard work and dedication of a select few members of our group, Tosche Station raised just over $3000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at the Expo this year!
We had some tough work ahead of us to beat last years total, and given that we were competing with the 501st (right next to us) for dollars, it's a really fantastic achievement. We should all give thanks and congratulate the following individuals for making this years fundraiser a resounding success:

*Ryan Manson - for organizing and heading up the building of the Adirondack chairs (including the purchasing of the supplies and providing the tools), for providing us with a place to build them, for setting up and manning the booth ALL weekend (selling tickets, chatting up attendees, etc), for getting Anthony Daniels to come over and sign the 3PO chair (!!), and for being a great ambassador for the group.

*Ryan Dooks - for organizing and obtaining donations from artists (Robert Bailey, Jackson Gee, etc) and other organizations and individuals (Rancho Obi Wan, Shane Turgeon, Gus Lopez) for our charity raffle, for helping man the booth almost all weekend and being the consummate salesman!

*Robert Ens - for helping construct the chairs, and for helping man the booth ALL weekend!

*Greg Tidlund - for helping man the booth during the weekend (selling tickets, chatting up attendees and spreading the SW love)

*Stacy Dooks - even though he forgot his Dr. Scholls again this year, Stacy manned the booth most of the weekend, providing attendees with stimulating conversation and debate!

*Alison Armitage - for helping with the construction of the chairs, for getting Sam Witwer to endorse our S.W.O.R.A. affiliation, and manning the booth for a bit on Friday!

*Marcy Deklerck - for her assistance with the chair build, for lending us her Han in Carbonite for photo ops, and for donating the materials for the cup cozies and SW pouches!

Big thanks to everyone who donated items for sale at the table as well. THANK YOU to the Expo attendees - for stopping by the booth and parting with your hard earned dollars, thereby enabling us to help raise money to support the fight of these awful diseases.

Finally - a huge thank you to Matthew Millar. Matthew worked almost all weekend at the booth, rustling up tickets for eager would-be winners, chatting up attendees, and being our spokesperson for the L&L Society. Matthew - your courage in beating this disease and, your continuing efforts to raise money to assist those who are still fighting it, INSPIRE us. You're a real hero, and we're VERY proud to be part of your team.


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