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Calgary Expo Roundup

**Expo Roundup**

First off I want to thank all the people who helped at the booth this year (Stacy, Aric, Keli, Yrol, and Iian for helping out through out the weekend. Robert and Dooks for being the

rocks you guys are for helping all 4 days. I can always count on you guys to power right through). Also I want to thanks Yrol and Corey for helping construct the chair in record time of a few hours to build. Also thanks to all the members who donated items for the table. Also Thanks to Dave and Kurtis from Electrum Saber Crafts for the beautiful saber they donated for our raffle.

We had a ton of fun and raised a pretty good chuck of change this weekend for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Grand total was $2388. So great job guys.

The winner of the Signed C3P0 Deck Chair was Linda from Edmonton, and the winner of the Electrum Saber Crafts Saber was Caitlin from Calgary. Kurtis from Electrum Saber Crafts was on hand to draw the name in this bucket. Turns out they both bought tickets on the first day of the Expo which is pretty cool after seeing how many tickets were in each bucket.

As always it was a great time meeting new people and seeing the regular con goers who always come back to the booth to chat Star Wars and support our fund raising efforts.  So far we have seen a few new members join and hope to see many more over the next few weeks once everybody get back into the swing of regular life.


Looking forward to Edmonton in September.