Member – Marcy – LettersfromHoth


*Name: Marcy Deklerck

*TF.N Board Name: Rusted_Halo

*What’s the first Star Wars movie you saw in theaters?? Stars Wars (matenee 1977, yep i was 2 but mother was a single parent)

*What’s your earliest Star Wars memory??  R2D2

*What was the first Star Wars toy/collectible that you owned? R2 and some other star wars toys have the pictures but no longer the toys 🙁

*Who’s your favourite character? Why? R2 because he was the first thing i cane remember as a very small child

*What’s your favourite Star Wars scene/moment?? I have to say the pod race in EP I and the speeder run in ROTJ

*What do you love about Star Wars the MOST?  not sure the exact reason why

*Favourite Star Wars Actor/Actress?? Mark Hamill

*Do you read any of the Expanded Universe content?? (comic/novels) i had the dark empire comics but need to start back

*Favourite Expanded Universe Character? republic commandos

*Do you have a favourite Star Wars experience?? (met a celebrity, connected with other fans, etc) I’ve met Carrie Fisher, Kenny Barker, Athony Stewart and hanging around my friends in the 501st and fF toronto

*Any other interests/hobbies other than Star Wars?  Battlestar Galactica and Stargate, i do graphic design, websites and 3Ds max ( i’m a little rusty at it thou)