Member – Ryan – Dooks

*Name: Ryan Dooks

*TF.N Board Name: Dooks

*What’s the first Star Wars movie you saw in theaters?? – Return of the Jedi.

*What’s your earliest Star Wars memory?? – Seeing Return of the Jedi as it was the first movie I ever saw.

*What was the first Star Wars toy/collectible that you owned? – All figures from Star Wars & ESB given to me by a family friend.

*Who’s your favourite character? Why? – Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker , Story is about his struggle and redemption and he has awesome armor.

*What’s your favourite Star Wars scene/moment?? – Scene: Obi-Wan VS Darth Maul duel in The Phantom Menace., Moment: Vader reveals himself to be Luke’s father.

*What do you love about Star Wars the MOST? – EVERYTHING!!!!.

*Favourite Star Wars Actor/Actress?? – Actor: Mark Hamill, Actress: Carrie Fisher.

*Do you read any of the Expanded Universe content?? (comic/novels) – Yes

*Favourite Expanded Universe Character? – Mara Jade

*Do you have a favourite Star Wars experience?? (met a celebrity, connected with other fans, etc) – Attending Star Wars Celebration 3 & 4 and seeing George Lucas in person.

*Any other interests/hobbies other than Star Wars? – Movies, Comic Books, Transformers.