Member – Ryan – PreludeRM

*Name: Ryan Manson
*TF.N Board Name: PreludeRM
*What's the first Star Wars movie you saw in theaters?? Star Wars in 1978 on the re-release
*What's your earliest Star Wars memory??  Going to the drive into watch Star Wars and listening to the Radio Drama all the way from BC to Sask non-stop.

*What was the first Star Wars toy/collectible that you owned? Action figure ( I think it was a Luke) 

*Who's your favourite character? Why?  PT I'd have to Say Obi-Wan as he kick a$$. OT Luke because he revives the Jedi code of Honor. 

*What's your favourite Star Wars scene/moment?? The scene that bridges the PT with the OT. When Obi-wan gives Owen and Beru baby Luke and they both look off at the Twin Suns. 

*What do you love about Star Wars the MOST?  Meeting incredible people, from all over the world, who love it as much as I do.  That my love for it keeps me a kid at heart and reminds me that there is hope for this world. 

Favourite Star Wars Actor/Actress??  Mark Hamill/Carrie Fisher 

*Do you read any of the Expanded Universe content?? Have read pretty much ALL the novels and some comics, but lately have gotten into the Legacy series.  
*Favourite Expanded Universe Character? Thrawn and Jacen
*Do you have a favourite Star Wars experience?? (met a celebrity, connected with other fans, etc):  C4m, with the best group of people to ever goto a convention with.  Y.N.B.07!!!!!!
*Any other interests/hobbies other than Star Wars? I'm a huge DVD collector if it is Star Wars Related.