Member – Yrol – EchoSeven

*Name: Yrol Perera
*TF.N Board Name: echosevin
*What’s the first Star Wars movie you saw in theaters?? Return of the Jedi
*What’s your earliest Star Wars memory??  Listening to the Star Wars movie album
*What was the first Star Wars toy/collectible that you owned? That album
*Who’s your favourite character? Why?  Tough question – used to be Han Solo (do I really need to tell you why??)  and Luke Skywalker (c’mon – who didn’t want to be him??!) before the prequels came out.  After the prequels, I have to say it’s a tie between Obi-Wan Kenobi (because he really IS the ULTIMATE Jedi) and Anakin Skywalker (because he’s the most ‘human’ Jedi)
*What’s your favourite Star Wars scene/moment?? There’s so many to choose from!  I love the scene in ROTS where Anakin and Padme are unknowingly looking at each other across the skyline – no dialogue, just emotionally charged music.  Anakin decides the fate of billions in that scene.
*What do you love about Star Wars the MOST?  Meeting incredible people, from all over the world, who love it as much as I do.  That my love for it keeps me a kid at heart and reminds me that there is hope for this world.
*Favourite Star Wars Actor/Actress??  Mark Hamill/Carrie Fisher
*Do you read any of the Expanded Universe content?? Have read pretty much ALL the novels.  Not really into the comics, but lately have gotten into the Legacy series.  Star Wars is FOREVER!!
*Favourite Expanded Universe Character? Luke Skywalker and Grand Admiral Thrawn
*Do you have a favourite Star Wars experience?? (met a celebrity, connected with other fans, etc) Getting ‘dissed’ by the REAL Boba Fett :oD   Jeremy Bulloch came to town a few years back, and during his talk he donned the Fett helmet and proceeded to show us how Fett would act.  He walked up to me (I was in my Jedi robes, after a demo), held my chin, sized me up and then disdainfully ‘pushed’ me aside – it was like being in the movie!!  As well, C4 was the greatest Star Wars experience of my life!!  Going down with my friends, meeting people from all four corners of the world who love Star Wars as much as I do and getting to chat with some of the celebrities from the movies – it’s a high that can’t be beat!!  BEST TIME EVER!!
*Any other interests/hobbies other than Star Wars? I’m a big Harry Potter fan, LOVE TransFormers, and am a bit of a movie buff.