New Rogue One Graphic Novel Adaptation Coming from IDW

There is more than a 97.6 percent chance you’ll love this. is pleased to announce that IDW Publishing, home of the highly-anticipated Star Wars Adventures series, will release a brand-new adaptation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars: Rogue One Graphic Novel Adaptation will arrive in December, courtesy of comic-book veteran Alessandro Ferrari and the team behind the critically-acclaimed, beautiful Star Wars saga graphic novel adaptations.

This retelling of Rogue One will feature art inspired by Disney-style animation, making for an entirely new way to experience the story of how Jyn Erso and her ragtag team stole the Death Star plans. You can get a first look at the cover below!

Star Wars: Rogue One Graphic Novel Adaptation will clock in at 80 pages and retail for $9.99. So save the dream, save the Rebellion, and save space on your bookshelf. All Star Wars, all the time.

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