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“We’ve been coming down here four decades now. Same three guys, right here. Same three chords, right here,” Billy Gibbons said during ZZ Top’s Oct. STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES Blossoming West Coast rivalry continues as Seahawks go for first victory over Rams in Los Angeles. Seattle has lost three of last four to Rams, but won most recent meeting last December. Rams beat Seahawks 9 3 last September in regular season home opener at Coliseum. Seahawks had NFL’s top offense for past two games, racking up 910 yards vs.

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Trying to sweep aside. Hillary and the rigged primary against crazy Bernie. Never forget, folks, Trump runs the Department of Justice right now. Maybe “The Bird” ( Mark Fidrych) and “Mickey Mouse” for Cliff Melton were names that tried to trick us. Who would be scared to bat against a bird? Before he got hurt “The Bird” used to mow ’em down. And then there is one of my favorites “The Silver Fox” for Duke Snider..

Patrick J. Quigley IV lived in 21 places in 40 years, and at school he and his sister, Ruth Quigley Lawrence, were always in the same grade, though she was 11 months older. “I always knew who I was going to play with on the playground, I always knew who I was eating lunch with,” she recalled.

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Flood watch in effect. Sunday.The National Weather Service predicts Hurricane Irene will start impacting the east coast as early as Friday, August 26th bringing torrential rains and damaging high winds. By following a few simple and low cost steps you can prepare and protect your family, business, neighborhood and community cheap jerseys when emergencies and disasters arise.Before the storm hits:Check emergency equipment and supplies.Have non perishable food and drinking water on hand for family and pets.Clear loose or clogged rain gutters and downspouts.This information was brought to us by The Prince George’s County Department of Environmental ResourcesFloods are America’s 1 natural disaster and can happen anytime, anywhere.

A: A mask probably would help if it was the right type of mask and if it was fitted properly. But there is still a lot of debate on the effectiveness of masks for the general population. Some of the best ones are hard to wear for a long period of time.

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I don buy it that you knew weeks ago, given that you just failed to ever mention it. I buy it when you actually step up with a long range forecast that holds water (or snow). The last few years long range forecasts based on your theory haven panned out, but I give you credit when it is due.